Customers Love TCR Online

“The executive team of Altus Traffic first started working with Sandy and the TCR team in June 2013. Altus US has an aggressive expansion plan and wanted an IT partner that represented our culture and could grow with us. Once we did our due diligence and review of the product in depth it was clear this would be the direction we would pursue. The scope of work, contract and pricing it was a very quick, yet smooth. The implementation was professional and engaging and as of January 2014 we had all seven separate locations up and running to include our Home Office. Sandy has a natural ability to listen and understand our business needs and relate them to TCR processes and features. The training and support that is provided by the TCR team is awesome! TCR is an easy to use, and most importantly is a scale-able practical application that any traffic control rental or full service business should be using. It has totally automated our business processes and billing.”

Jeff Holcomb
US Expansion Manager
Altus Traffic

“I want to give a special thanks to Sandy and Barbara at TCR. With their knowledge and skills to create this barricade software helps my business like no other. TCR saves me time, money and mostly state of mind. I love their dedication, and their customer service, which is top notch. I have been one of their customers for several years now. I wouldn’t use any other barricade software. I have recommended their product to various companies and I always will. I want to thank you both for all your help.”

Larry Hainline
Vice President
Construction Guide LLC

“Shortly after being introduced to TCR software, I knew that this was a product I had to have. The program, customer service, and their commitment to giving you a great product, is top notch. With our continued growth, TCR made it simple to integrate into our current accounting system while improving many of our processes. This program is easy to use, accurately tracks your jobs, decreases your time spent invoicing, and most of all gives your customers the tools they need to better manage their costs. Without a doubt, TCR will exceed your expectations!”

Clint Sorensen
Wasatch Barricade

“I would like to thank you for TCR rental software. This software is user-friendly and made for rental companies who specialize in Barricades and Signs. It helps us to track our equipment in an efficient manner and provide all the information that we need about our jobs. My customers like the easy-to-read invoices. I would recommend it to anyone who is in our industry..”

Abbie D. Naff
Better Barricades, Inc.

“We are happy to give you our endorsement for TCR Software. We have been using it for about a year now and find it more than adequate to fulfill our needs, and it is 100% compatible with our Quickbooks accounting software. The training we receive and updates are excellent. We can honestly recommend it with-out reservation.”

John G. Zyadet
General Manager
Southwest Barricades
Phoenix, AZ

“As a rapidly growing traffic control company, we needed software that had it all and was easy to get up and running. The whole process from the initial demonstration to the install/training and beyond has been such a pleasure. TCR has enabled our company to easily track our equipment, labor and sales and has kept us very organized. Thank you for all of your continued help!”

Heidi A. Claxton
Vice President
American Roadway Logistics, Inc.

“Osiris received a call from one of our bigger Traffic Control customers to tell her that the new TCR Software invoice format is so much better than our previous software. They told her she didn’t have to breakdown their outstanding jobs with equipment detail on a monthly basis in a spreadsheet any more. The new invoicing from TCR Software is sufficient for them to manage each location. Keep up the good work.”

Daniel Johnson
Alert-O-Lite, Inc.

“What a pleasure to work with you ladies and my staff is very happy with the training they received, as well as the product itself. Osiris is beaming and who would have thought that traffic control billings could be so fun. Anyway, thank you so much for your professionalism, expertise, patience and determination to get me and my staff up to speed. I’d recommend you any day!”

Debbie L. Hunsaker
Alert-O-Lite, Inc.

“Integration with our General Ledger program, our challenging manner of sales and materials costing and one of the most challenging sales tax codes to be found anywhere in any state were all reasons why I was extremely reluctant to even attempt to buy and install ANY new software program. I spent hours asking Sandy questions that would start with the phrase, “…But can you (or it) do…?” Not only was any question answered with “Yes” but the answer was followed up with a “Is this what you want it to look like?” or similar response. My advice? Save yourself some time by not asking the, “Can you?” and start working on the, “My perfect billing, tracking, reporting, costing, inventory management, barricade rental software program will look like this and do this. When will you have it ready for installation?” TCR Software IS that solution.”

Jerry Hietpas
Action Safety Supply Co.

“With our large growth and multiple divisions and locations, TCR Software was able to meet and exceed our software needs with customization and outstanding technical support. Thanks again for your assistance.”

Jeff Johnson
Trafficade Work Zone Services

“Having used another software prior to using TCR, I believe I can accurately point to TCR Software as a superior product. To put it simply, every aspect of TCR software makes sense. Competent support for the software is always just a phone call away, giving me and my coworkers the keys we need to achieve our primary goal – accurate invoicing.”

Stephanie Barnes
Safety Network, Inc.

“I enjoy using the TCR Software program for my job. It was easy to learn and has saved me a lot of time and improved our overall efficiency. Also, the support I have received from TCR Software is first rate.”

Beatrice Mora
National Barricade

“The simplicity of invoicing has afforded us the time to proof all bills before mailing, eliminating errors. Managing customers’ accounts, payments and outstanding balances has been streamlined and has cut our collection time in half.”

Lisa Ledbetter
Office Administrator
Action Barricade Company

“Our sales have greatly increased over the past 3 months. TCR Software has made the increase of work both manageable and profitable.”

John Ledbetter, Sr.
Action Barricade Company

“From the Operations point of view, TCR Software has given us the ability to easily dispatch drivers and track their time. It also allows me to easily manage each job location for service and the retrieval of stray equipment.”

John Ledbetter, Jr.
General Operations Manager
Action Barricade Company