Our Features

  • Billing

    Automate your billing and send out Electronic invoices

  • Mobile app

    Drivers manage tickets and track their time from their mobile device. Also, Track driver location.

  • Scheduling

    Assign drivers to tickets with drag and drop feature.

Scheduling Made Easy

Schedule Drivers Feature Screenshot

Scheduling Made Easy

Schedule your drivers for various jobs with simple drag and drop. Easily identify which drivers have jobs assigned and which drivers are free. Increase efficiency and productivity.

Track Drivers & Equipment

Track Drivers & Equipment

See where your drivers are real-time on a map. You will have the confidence to bid on larger projects as you will know you can keep track of all your equipment and easily create invoices for your customers. TCR Online provides control over all of your specialized needs.

Track Drivers

Schedule Drivers Feature Screenshot

Mobile App

TCR Mobile App is designed for drivers to use in the field to complete their tickets electronically, essentially doing away with paper tickets. The simple design allows drivers to record the start/end of their shifts/breaks, add misc. time spent in the yard or loading the truck as well as complete tickets.

Testimonials / Successes

John G. Zyadet

We are happy to give you our endorsement for TCR Software. We have been using it for about a year...

General Manager
Southwest Barricades / Phoenix, AZ / Read More..

Abbie D. Naff

I would like to thank you for TCR rental software. This software is user-friendly and made for...

Better Barricades, Inc. / Read More..

Clint Sorensen

Shortly after being introduced to TCR software, I knew that this was a product I had to have...

Wasatch Barricade

Larry Hainline

I want to give a special thanks to Sandy and Barbara at TCR. With their knowledge and skills...

Vice President
Construction Guide LLC / Read More..

Jeff Holcomb

The executive team of Altus Traffic first started working with Sandy and the TCR team in June 2013...

US Expansion Manager
Altus Traffic / Read More..

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