Jeff Holcomb

The executive team of Altus Traffic first started working with Sandy and the TCR team in June 2013. Altus US has an aggressive expansion plan and wanted an IT partner that represented our culture and could grow with us. Once we did our due diligence and review of the product in depth it was clear this would be the direction we would pursue. The scope of work, contract and pricing it was a very quick, yet smooth. The implementation was professional and engaging and as of January 2014 we had all seven separate locations up and running to include our Home Office. Sandy has a natural ability to listen and understand our business needs and relate them to TCR processes and features. The training and support that is provided by the TCR team is awesome! TCR is an easy to use, and most importantly is a scale-able practical application that any traffic control rental or full service business should be using. It has totally automated our business processes and billing.